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Twelve Top Tips To Take The Pressure Off Yourself

Our lives can be very stressful, for some more than others. When we feel like this, it can lead us to put abnormal amounts of pressure on ourselves, to the extent that sometimes it feels as though we are being suffocated. This can be dangerous to our wellbeing both mentally and physically. We therefore need to be able to take the pressure off; we require a release valve so that we can relax and enjoy life, day by day. In this article I look at the reasons why we put so much pressure on ourselves, and my top twelve tips for taking some of that pressure off. You will clearly see that the amount of stress you are feeling will be reduced once the pressure you are exerting on yourself is removed.

Overwhelming pressure can be demotivating

Have you ever felt that there is too much you want to get done? However, sometimes the pressure you are experiencing is so overwhelming that it becomes demotivating and you end up doing nothing. This article was inspired by the way I was feeling last month. I was actually feeling under the weather physically, and there just seemed to be more family and friend issues than normal, as well as my work responsibilities. I found I was trying to help everyone in both my work and home environments and the pressure was piling on and suffocating me. I had to remind myself to take the pressure off and to realise that I wasn’t feeing very well and had to stop.

Don’t pressurise yourself with resolutions and new beginnings

The start of a new year is often the time that many people think about resolutions and new beginnings. However, this is the wrong time to be putting a ton of pressure on yourself as you try to stick to New Year’s resolutions and get those long lists of things ‘to do’ completed. January is the time of year to be hibernating, nurturing and relaxing. If we take a look at nature, we will realise that this is the nurturing time for many animals with rest and recuperation paramount.

Why do we put pressure on ourselves?

· Feel stressed and overwhelmed

· Aiming for perfection

· Trying to get people to like us

· Needing to get things done

· Trying to please others

· Inability to say ‘no’

· Feeling overwhelmed with our ‘to do’ list

· Feeling guilty for not getting things done

· Being obligated with work and/or family

Tips for taking the pressure off

1. Recognise when you are putting pressure on yourself and take a step back

2. Be realistic about what you are trying to achieve and the timeframe it may take

3. Be aware of when you have high expectations of yourself

4. Look at what is a necessity and what can be put down or pushed back

5. Allow yourself to say ‘no’

6. Accept that you are important, and that your health and wellbeing must always be considered

8. Know when to stop - make this a mantra that pops into your mind when you have done enough, and that you need a rest or a break

9. Making a list of things ‘to do’ will remove them from your head and can relieve stress

10. Work your way through your list in a slow and steady way

11. Be realistic about how long it will take to get everything done

12. Slow down and give yourself time and space

And not everything has to be perfect, good is good enough!

How can Becoming Aware help you to take the pressure off?

It’s so important to consider yourself in all of this, because you can only do so much. If you don’t recognise when it’s time to stop, your body will do it for you, which often shows up in some kind of emotional, mental or physical way. It’s important to know that we are doing enough and we are good enough, just the way we are. If you feel you need help in taking the pressure off yourself, getting support from a therapist may be the answer. Please call me, Karen on 07766 427966 for a free without obligation chat or email

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