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Reiki Teaching

Reiki Teaching in Eastbourne, East Sussex 


Let me teach you how to enhance relaxation, reduce anxiety & stress and promote healing with Reiki, a technique trusted by Tibetan Monks.

Reiki, Usui System, is a completely natural, non-intrusive, self-healing therapy that is open to any belief system. It is a universal energy that can only be used for good.  Passed on by an “attunement” given by myself, a Reiki Master since 2003, it is very simple to learn, allowing you to tap into the unlimited supply of Reiki energy for life. Once attuned, you can benefit from relief on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The healing process is often accelerated in whatever way and on whatever level is necessary.


​I’d like to offer you an introduction to the opportunity to begin to explore learning Reiki in an intimate group of just a few students, or with one on one teaching.

Book my Reiki courses and learn the three levels or degrees of Reiki, which are achieved by successive initiations.  


  • Reiki levels I and II classes: Learn in a small group or book a one-to-one class.

  • Reiki III: Available as a one-to-one class.

For a more detailed explanation of Reiki and the three levels, please select 'Reiki' in the FAQ section.


£175 - Reiki I – Self healing

£260 - Reiki II – Practitioner Level

£500 - Reiki III – Master/Teacher Level


Reiki I Course Dates:

Please contact me for dates of upcoming courses in 2024


Reiki II Course Dates:

Please contact me for dates of upcoming courses in 2024



“I did my Reiki 1 with Karen and found it to be a wonderful experience. Her course was inspirational and uplifting. I learnt so much about Reiki and from her gentle guidance and teaching, my Reiki journey began. Thank you Karen. X!”

Pat | Hastings

“I had both Reiki level 1 and 2 attunements with Karen and I have to say that they were an absolutely wonderful experience.  She has a very calm presence and is an excellent teacher, both patient and insightful, especially with the subject matter involved.  The attunements were one to one and had a profound effect on me. The handouts provided were also wonderful and really helped when it came to doing the homework that was needed, so I was very happy with having them along the way.  I have since used the Reiki in my own remit as a holistic therapist and feel that it has a huge effect on my clients and on my life as a whole. Thank you Karen. Xx”


Jen | Eastbourne

“I highly recommend anyone to take a Reiki I course with Karen Hoad. I was in my late 50’s when I was curious enough to want the experience. I use the process every day for my own general well- being. It brings comfort when stressed or in difficulty and is very relaxing. I personally was so impressed I went on to complete Reiki II which enables you to become a Practitioner and share the skill for the benefit of others. You will not regret it.”

Sue | Hailsham

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