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  • What is EFT?
    EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is sometimes described as having acupuncture without the needles. It targets certain acupuncture points on the face and body where energy is stuck to help clear the emotional attachment to a certain belief, situation, fear, phobia or person. It is a very simple but highly effective technique for dealing with many issues on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. As a result, deep seated issues, limiting thoughts & beliefs and fears & phobias can be permanently transformed in a positive way. It’s about bringing you back to balance so that experiences, patterns and behaviours are not repeated, and decisions can be made from a calm and centred place. I use a very simplified version of EFT, working with just one point and no tapping, which makes the process of releasing much quicker than using the traditional, longer EFT method.
  • Tell me more about how you work.
    I believe everything happens for a reason so for me, when I work through something personally, I like to understand what specifically is causing my present imbalance, where it comes from, and what I need to release it and make things better for me now and in the future. I want to make sure it’s not coming back! For me, it’s about the whole picture and that includes the details! This is also how I work with you – putting the whole story together like a jigsaw puzzle, by encompassing the past, present and future to gain total understanding of your feelings, behaviour or situation. We then work together to release whatever the emotional blockage is, and incorporate ways to alter your thoughts, beliefs and behaviour to transform your present and future. It’s easier to let go of something when you can accept it, see it from a different perspective and it all makes perfect sense. To do this, I provide a non-judgmental, safe, confidential space and use a blend of mind mapping, counselling skills and a very simplified version of EFT along with some other techniques I have learned along the way! It’s a combination that really works. My clients tell me I have a knack for finding the cause of their emotions or behaviour. Moreover, they value my ability to help them release it in a safe and relaxed environment. As a result, they leave feeling empowered, and able to move on to the next phase in their lives.
  • What kind of problems can you help with?
    The short answer to this is anything with an emotional attachment but to give you an idea, I can help you with: Limiting Beliefs (regarding relationships, money, parenting, life in general etc) Money Issues Relationship Issues Family Issues Lack of confidence Low self esteem Anxiety Stress Fears Loneliness OCD Emotional abuse Traumatic childbirth Transition to secondary school, college, university or work Anxiety or stress regarding taking SATS or other higher examinations Teenage relationship/life issues This list is not conclusive so if there is something you need to work through not on this list, do contact me.
  • What kind of people are your clients?
    I work with men, women, children and teenagers from all walks of life on a variety of problems and issues. I have a wide range of people who come to see me from the highly professional person to a child in primary school. My only requirement is that the person wants to be in the session with me. Although my methods will work whether you want them to or not, for me the person needs to actively want to take part. This is especially true of children and teens.
  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki is a technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes healing. It is a completely natural method accelerating the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing process. It is a tradition that is open to any belief system. There are three levels or degrees of Reiki, which are achieved by successive attunements.
  • What are the levels of Reiki?
    Level 1 - First Degree – Self Healing The first degree is known as the self-healing level. It opens the energy channel and allows you to channel Reiki, mainly at the physical level, both for yourself and for others. This level is open to anyone. No previous experience or preparation is required. If you heal yourself, you heal everything. Level 2 - Second Degree – Professional Practitioner The second degree requires that you have completed the First Degree and have had sufficient practice for the energy to be flowing. The second-degree Reiki level is known as the professional practitioner’s level. Its main focus is to learn about three of the symbols and how to use them. Distance/absentee healing is introduced along with learning about ethics and the intention of practising when becoming a Reiki Practitioner. Case studies are required to receive the certificate. Level 3 - Third Degree – Master/Teacher The third degree initiation increases your capacity to channel the Universal Energy. You are also given the Usui Master Symbol, which allows you to work on a spiritual level and helps to contact your own inner truth. This level is called Master/Teacher because it involves recognising that each person is the master of his own destiny, responsible for his own life. This knowledge can often help you to find your true path in life and may require you to make life changes. On completion of this level and, after assisting on future courses, you are then able to teach Reiki to others. Each Degree is a stand-alone level but you need to have completed all three levels to become a Master/Teacher.
  • How long do I need to leave between levels?
    This is something that is widely disputed with some teachers or organisations giving all three attunements in one day. It is suggested that there is at least three months between the First Degree and Second Degree and at least a year between the Second Degree and Master Level. Personally, I feel that each level should be a stand-alone experience and I therefore do recommend waiting the recommended time frames. It then gives you chance to get used to how you work with the energy of each level. From my experience, each level had different gifts to bring.
  • What is Reiki lineage and how will I know mine?
    Reiki Lineage is the line of teaching you have trained in and refers to the list of Reiki Masters, going back to the Founder, Dr Usui. Your name is added onto the bottom of the list below mine. If you go on to be a Reiki Practitioner, some insurance companies like to see your Lineage to insure you.
  • Will I receive ongoing support with my Reiki?
    As your Reiki Master, for me, we have a link for life. I am happy to be contacted for any length of time following your Reiki Training to answer Reiki related questions. Obviously, this needs to be within reasonable working hours and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  • What do you need to know about me before a reading?
    Before you come for a reading, the only information I require is your first name and a contact number. I prefer to know as little about you as possible when you arrive then I have no preconceived ideas.
  • What can I expect in a reading?
    During the reading, I ask that you sit back and listen while I give you the information that comes to me. It’s my job to do the talking! If you have something specific that you want to know about or have any questions, I will give you the opportunity to ask at the end. This way, you know the information you receive is what I have given you, not what you have told me! I will of course check as we go along that what I am saying relates to you as neither of us want to spend time talking about something completely irrelevant to you! My intention is to inspire you to move forward in your life in the best way possible so the information I ask for and receive is of a positive nature. I would like to point out that it is not for any reader to tell you what to do with any situation or your life, merely to give you the information you need to make informed decisions for yourself. It’s all about empowering you to understand and feel better about what’s going on in your life and give you choices in what’s coming up next.
  • How often can I have an Inspirational Psychic Reading?
    I do not encourage clients to become dependent on having readings to make life decisions. For this reason, ideally, I recommend having at least 6 months between readings. The very least time I allow between readings would be 3 months. Technically, I could read for you every week, but the information would mostly be the same so for me, ethically, it is not appropriate.
  • What is a personal development workshop?
    Personal development is all about growing, becoming more aware and gaining valuable abilities and insights that you can use to improve your life. Workshops are generally designed to help you to take responsibility for a specific area in your life. To help you understand why things have been as they are up until now and learn methods and/or tools to overcome obstacles, so you can move forwards and make changes in whatever the topic of the workshop is about. They can help you to make connections with like-minded people, gain more confidence in your own abilities and strengths, learn new things and grow as a person. Ultimately, taking personal development workshops can help you move towards living the exciting life that you really deserve.
  • What will I learn in a money workshop?
    In a money workshop you will learn to uncover your beliefs about money and learn a variety of techniques to help you release and reprogramme these with alternatives that would serve you and your life more effectively. You will learn to let go of any beliefs with unhelpful emotional charge you hold around money and take home these tools to support you in identifying other areas where you may wish to develop and change.
  • What kinds of beliefs do you mean?
    We all pick up beliefs from our parents, teachers and other people we look up to and trust especially when we are children. We believe must know the 'truth' about things. As we learn from them we pick up their belief systems as our own. Once we are older we start to realise these unconscious programmes are running our lives and begin to be able to uncover and conscioculy replace these beliefs with ones which serve us.
  • Can you give me some specific examples?
    Common beliefs we pick up in childhood or later as we grow are, for example: Life is hard You can't have it all Money doesn't grow on trees I cant afford it I'll never be a success I don't have the time I have no willpower I lack motivation I'll never meet the right man/woman
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