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EFT & Counselling


EFT & Counselling


Locate the memory or subconscious belief that‘s causing you negative feelings and emotions or repetitive patterns. Then, reframe and release them.

Lift the weight from your shoulders with an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Counselling session. In a safe environment, let’s find the root cause of your problem, situation or belief. 


I will help you; 


  • Locate and acknowledge where the issue really comes from and how it affects you now;

  • Bring clear understanding as to why you have believed, responded or felt the way you have - and often it isn’t what you think it is!!

  • Find your way to accept the situation for what it is or was;


Then using talking therapy, free you from the emotions you’re experiencing or beliefs that hold you back and let go of the attachment to it.  


You will then be able to move on with new vigour and a different way of seeing things.  


You cannot change the past, that is a fact, but you can change how you feel about it and consequently, make your peace with it.  This enables you to transform not only how you respond in the present and for the future, but how others behave and respond towards you too.  


It’s amazing what you can let go of and how much better you can feel with knowledge, understanding and new perspective. That’s what we can achieve in our sessions together.


For more detailed information, please look at the FAQ section or feel free to contact me.




£70 - One Hour one-to-one

£90 - One Hour 30 minutes one-to-one


“I have been seeing Karen for a few months now and she has changed my life and I’ve never felt so light and happy with my life. I know she is always there when I need to talk.

KR | Eastbourne

“I sought out Karen as she’s a therapist with lots of experience. My sessions took place in a 'safe' (private) and confidential space. Karen is friendly, easy to talk to and a good listener.”

Mark | Eastbourne

"I can highly recommend Karen.

I have gone through yet another very emotional , traumatic time and had hit rock bottom in my confidence and I had no idea how I was going to find the strength to move forward for myself and my family.

Karen slowly helped me unlock so much emotion that I had locked away for many years not even knowing I had not really dealt with things from my past - I hadn’t realised how much they were affecting the way I react and think and my path my life was taking.

I was determined to find ''me'' again , determined to find my inner strength and love for myself so that I could care and love my family and friends. Yes it has been very emotional , more than I ever imagined - but  it has uncovered a lot about the WHO  am I and WHY did events happen and my FUTURE  path that I am now very excited and full of energy  to take. 

Karen is a very spiritual kind loving generous lady who puts you at instant ease and who makes you feel safe and has a true talent to help you find your way.  If you want to help yourself live this life with confidence and open your heart to what is ahead of you and learn by your past but actually let it go and not carry it as a weight on your shoulders , Karen will definitely help you.

Keep your mind open to the fact that actually there is light at the end of that dark tunnel and life can be very good. 

Karen can guide you and help you find a better YOU.  Thank you so much Karen


LS  Pevensey 

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