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Hi, I’m Karen Hoad and I am someone who sparks positive change in people’s lives and relationships.  


My journey began around 20 years ago when a freak accident with a door (yes really!) totally changed my life and left my shoulder injured in a way that, even after surgery, wasn't healing with conventional treatments or medicines.

This compelled me to seek a journey of healing, self-discovery and self-development of my own. During this time, as well as learning so much about myself, I achieved Counselling qualifications, a Metaphysics Diploma, became a Reiki Master and EFT Practitioner and learned a few other techniques along the way.  Ultimately, it led to my own healing.


I was already aware of my psychic and intuitive gifts but during the process I was able to develop them so much further.  

Having used these tools to work on myself for some years, I am in the fortunate position of being able to give back, by helping you to transform your life.


I support individuals of all ages in exploring your history and uncovering patterns, blockages and the limiting beliefs you may not be aware of, so you can begin to have more control of your emotions and be excited about your life again.


I know from my years of experience working on myself and others, that you have the ability to make big changes in your life.  If you are ready to do the work, you will be amazed at how capable you are to explore and release parts of yourself you never knew existed.  The process of therapy can allow you to grow more quickly than you ever have before.


​I truly believe that each one of us can be fulfilled in our lives and that anything is possible.


 If you are ready to delve into what is getting in your way, figure out what to do next and transform your life, please do not hesitate to give me a call on 07766 427966 or send me an email at

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