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Personal Development

Personal   Development  Workshops


Personal development is all about growing, becoming more aware and gaining valuable abilities and insights that you can use to improve your life.  


Workshops are generally designed to help you to take responsibility for a specific area in your life. To help you understand why things have been as they are up until now and learn methods and/or tools to overcome obstacles, so you can move forwards and make changes in whatever the topic of the workshop is about.  


They can help you to make connections with like-minded people, gain more confidence in your own abilities and strengths, learn new things and grow as a person.  Ultimately, taking personal development workshops can help you move towards living the exciting life that you really deserve.  

Transforming your Relationship with Money


When it comes to finances, do you find yourself saying things like:

  • I can’t afford it

  • I'm not good with money

  • Money is tight

Have you been brought up with outdated money sayings for example;

  •  Money doesn’t grow on trees

  •  Money is the root of all evil

  •  Money isn’t everything

Are you able to bring money in but can’t seem to keep it or are you just waiting for a lottery win to change your financial situation and your life?

Thinking like this signals a mindset stuck in lack and all the time you feel lack, you will attract lack.

Find out how to embrace a positive mindset towards money and improve your relationship with it by attending this workshop

You will learn to:

  • Identify what limits you from having or stops you holding onto money.

  • Explore your own money story, what you inherited and how it affects you now.

  • Look at the energy of money and how it can really work.

  • Discover methods to remove your financial blockages and overcome a negative money mindset

  • Become aware of simple ways to bring money to you and grow your wealth

Please contact me for more information on dates and times and how to book your place.


“I recently attended a money workshop with Karen. It was very insightful, helping me to see barriers I put in the way of myself and financial abundance. The day was well organised and fun. I came out feeling like a new person, believing I could and would have a positive flow of money in my life. Karen is welcoming and makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend the money workshop everyone.”

Karen | Eastbourne

“The money workshop was a real eye opener! I hadn’t done anything like this before, so I had no idea what to expect and felt a little nervous, but Karen made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  I learnt a lot about myself and my relationship, or lack of it with money. I ended the day feeling more positive about money and financial prosperity, than I ever have. I would definitely recommend the workshop.”

Janet | Eastbourne

“Thank you so much for yesterday.  A definite shift happened. I have woken up this morning with absolute knowing that I am great with money, it comes to me easily, I will always have more than enough to use, share, play with and save.”

Alison | Eastbourne

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