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How To Be Proud Of Yourself And Why It’s So Important

So how can you be proud of yourself? And is it really that important? For some raised in a supportive environment, it can come naturally, but for others it is challenging. Giving yourself a ‘pat on the back’ often appears as being conceited or arrogant, but actually it isn’t and allowing yourself to be proud of your achievements is good for your physical and emotional wellbeing. However, if you are struggling to take pride in the things you do, it is a behaviour that can be cultivated over time. In the latest article form Becoming Aware, I look at what it means, why it is important, the benefits and how to be proud of yourself.

It’s not just the big things in life…

In essence, we should be looking for moments where we feel proud of ourselves. These could be when we pass an exam, gain a job promotion, receive praise from a client, win a sporting event or achieve something that we didn’t think we could do and has pushed us out of our comfort zone. This might be a parachute jump, scuba diving or running a marathon. However, it doesn’t have to be the big things in life as even little things can have a positive impact on mental health and emotional wellbeing. These include trying something new, meeting a deadline, and being on time, if you are often late. It could also incorporate making a difficult decision, getting bills paid and ticking things off your ‘to do’ list. And being proud of yourself also encompasses how you overcome any setbacks you encounter in your life. And don’t forget you can be proud of friendships and relationship you have made throughout your life.

What does being proud of yourself mean?

“In essence, being proud of oneself means having a strong sense of self-worth, which leads to having a greater passion for life. People who have a strong sense of self-worth are more grateful and feel more content with their lives.”

“Being proud of yourself means you see yourself as a valuable human being that deserves self-love, self-care, and self-respect. People who are proud of themselves tend to see life as full of happiness and possibilities, thanks to their increased sense of self-worth.”

Why is it important to be proud of yourself?

Healthy confidence is built on being proud of yourself. By allowing yourself to give credit where it’s due, your confidence will grow and flourish. You will also find it self-motivating and empowering and you’ll be able to feel your self-worth! Let’s face it, we are always good at picking out what we have done wrong and being self-critical, and that impacts hugely on our sense of self-worth. So, stop being so self-analytical, evaluative and introspective, and look at those achievements with pride, however small.

The benefits of being proud of yourself

· Gain more confidence and self-respect

· Be more self aware

· Strong sense of self-worth

· Feel more self-motivated

· Establish healthier, more satisfying relationships with people

How to be proud of yourself

Initially, focus on your positive qualities such as the things you like about yourself and the things you are good at. It’s true that you can’t be good at everything, but there is always room for improvement. Make sure you do things that make you feel good, both physically and mentally. By participating in things you enjoy will cultivate a sense of pride. Also surround yourself with people that make you feel happy as well, positive people, but don’t compare yourself to them.

· Identify your qualities and virtues

· Celebrate your achievements and share them with others

· Accept your flaws and mistakes you have made

How can Becoming Aware help you if you are struggling to feel pride?

By taking pride in the things you do, you are showing that you are proud of who you are and what you ultimately stand for including your morals, values, experiences and ideas. Feeling proud of yourself is an important factor of good emotional and mental health. I hope my latest article has shown you that feeling proud of yourself has lots of benefits and it therefore shouldn’t be considered as a negative thing. You have every right to be proud of your achievements and successes. If you are struggling with feelings of a lack of self esteem, please contact me, Karen at becoming Aware on 07766 427966 for a free without obligation chat or email

A little pride can go a long way.

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