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An Alternative Christmas – Look For The Positives

Christmas is often seen as a joyous time of year, a time for present sharing, indulging in food, fun and laughter with family and friends. However, it can also be a challenging and stressful period. There can be high expectations to impress with obligations to socialise, as well as the financial pressures associated with the festive period. The rules have been announced and up to 3 households will be able to meet up during a 5-day Christmas period, 23-27 December. It means that a COVID-19 Christmas will be very different from previous years. In the latest article from Becoming Aware, we look at the importance of seeing the positives, because there are lots of opportunities for you to do things differently in an alternative Christmas. If you are fed up doing the same thing with the same people year in year out, this could be the start of a new way of enjoying Christmas that can carry on in future years. You might even find that this festive period ends up being the time you have always wanted – the best Christmas ever!

Take time to reflect on what Christmas means to you

So why not look at Christmas differently this year? Could an alternative Xmas actually take the pressure off? Perhaps you won’t have to spend time with relatives you don't particularly like, and think about the cost savings associated with buying fewer presents, less food including a smaller turkey and Christmas accessories. Many people literally get wrapped up in the frenzy of Christmas and the necessity for it to be an idealistic occasion. Why not be realistic and create your own perfect Christmas, one that you and 2 households can enjoy? Take time to reflect on what Christmas means to you and recognise the total commercialisation of the season. You have a golden opportunity to set your own boundaries and decide what you want to take part in and what you don’t want to, as well as choosing who you spend the time with. Take the chance presented by the situation to take a step back and realise you don’t have to do all the rushing around as usual.

How to enjoy a COVID-19 Christmas?

· Look after your own wellbeing

· Avoid overindulgence and eat healthily

· Take exercise by walking or cycling

· Get plenty of sleep

· Keep a handle on your finances - it's been a tough year

· Just relax and go with the flow

· Have FUN!

Keeping safe over the Christmas period

We’ve been keeping safe all year and the 5-day festive period is not the time to drop our guard. In the lead up to the festive period, stagger shopping times and support your local stores with click and collect as well as buying online. If you are visiting relatives, travel by car if possible and arrange Zoom calls with friends and family. Spend as much time as possible outside and go for long walks.

Could it be the Christmas you have always wanted?

There is no getting away from it, the year has been very stressful and many people have felt isolated. Studies have shown that only about 10% of people are stress free at Christmas time. For many the conventional, picture perfect image of a huge family gathering filled with smiles, laughter, glittering decorations and perfectly cooked meals is unrealistic. However, with the imposed restrictions, it’s still worth making the time special by putting the tree and decorations up, but perhaps keep it more low key this year! With less pressure put on you, maybe, somehow, it will be the Christmas you have always wanted.

How Becoming Aware can help you

If you feel lonely, or are not coping with government rules for Christmas 2020, it may be time to speak to a professional. Karen Hoad from Becoming Aware is a qualified and experienced Emotional Healing & Wellbeing Practitioner. She has vast experience in mental, emotional and physical health issues and works with people to release their emotions. If you are struggling and really worried about the festive period, call Karen on 07766 427966 for a free without obligation chat or email

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