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Seeking Help Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

The death of Mike Thalassitis, a star of the television reality show, Love Island from an apparent suicide really affected me. I did not know him, but I feel deeply saddened that a young man, who appeared so confident and self-assured, could feel that there was no other way out. My heart goes out to all of his family and friends.

Many people today find themselves in similar situations, finding it hard to cope with everything that life throws at them, even celebrities who on the surface appear to have it all. It is often the people you least expect who are the ones who are struggling the most and the ‘over-confident’ man or the ‘good time’ girl can be hiding a multitude of issues. 

Seek Help And Share Your Problems

There is a solution to every problem and if you can’t see it, somebody else will be able to. In today’s society, the old adage that, “A problem shared is a problem halved” has never been truer. Thoughts, emotions and feelings that are stuck in your head and are not shared can seem a lot worse than they really are. Just voicing them can really help. Sometimes there are no ‘quick fixes and the solution will arrive bit by bit as any fears, problems and concerns are broken down into small chunks.

You Are All The More Stronger When Asking For Help

It is part of the English culture to show ‘a stiff upper lip’, to remain cool, calm, strong and steadfast in the face of adversity. However this doesn’t work in today’s society with the pressures and stress that are ever-present. There needs to be a change whereby it is accepted that it’s 'OK' to 'Not Be OK' and asking for help is not seen as a weakness. It shows more strength to ask than not to ask. Emotional stress cannot be sustained forever.

Even if you feel you cannot afford to pay for assistance, there are several charities in the UK who offer help and support for free or a very small amount, including the following:

Mind – For better mental health

Mind is the mental health charity, which is available to help you make choices about the treatments available as well as understanding your rights and how to reach out to sources of support. Their motto is, “We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.”

Tel: 0300 303 5999


Text: 84999

Available Monday to Friday 9am-6pm (not Bank Holidays)


The Samaritans are there to help people going through tough times and can offer support and they are just a freephone call away. They are there to listen and not to judge or to tell you what to do.

Tel: 116 123


Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Cruse Bereavement Care supports bereaved people in the UK offering support, advice, and information to all from children to young people and to adults. They work to enhance the care of bereaved people.

Tel: 0808 808 1677 (National Helpline)

Available Monday to Friday 09.30 – 1700 (not Bank Holidays)

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice helps people with mental health issues and works with mental health charities, professional health bodies, government departments and politicians.

Tel: 0344 411 1444

Professional Therapists

Professional health advice is also available, and, if you can afford it, it is always worthwhile to seek this kind of help. There are so many different therapies and therapists out there who will always be empathic and will help you work through your struggles bit by bit without any judgement.

It is so important to find the person that you feel you have a rapport with and will be happy to share your issues with. Most therapists are willing to have a conversation with you before embarking on any sessions so you can be sure you have chosen the right person and technique. It is always advisable to choose a therapist that will work towards releasing the issues, not just talking about them, and one that can give you ways and means of facing the present and the future in a more positive way so you feel you have coping strategies and see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


You don’t have to be strong and just deal with whatever life throws at you on your own. Don’t worry about what others will think of you if you reach out for help!

Remember, there are plenty of people who will give you help and support without judgement, maybe even a friend or family member. Often, you are more judgmental and critical of yourself than others will ever be. You do not have to feel alone!

What To Do Next

Karen Hoad from Becoming Aware is a qualified and experienced Emotional Healing & Wellbeing Practitioner. She has vast experience in mental, emotional and physical health issues and works with people to release emotions. She gives help and support with regard to the past, present and future. Call Karen on 07766 427966 for a free without obligation chat or email.

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