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Playing It Small – The Tell-Tale Signs And Moving Forwards

Do you ever feel that you are holding yourself back, playing it safe or stuck in a rut, not only in your work life, but in life in general? Are you reluctant to move out of your comfort zone and move forwards? Do you hide yourself away, reluctant to be seen? If you can identify with any of these feelings, you are, ‘Playing It Small’. In the latest blog from Becoming Aware, based in Eastbourne in East Sussex, I’m looking at what, ‘Playing It Small’ really means, signs that show you are doing it and ways to free yourself.

‘Playing It Small’ and ‘Playing It Big’

‘Playing It Small’ is a term that became popular through spiritual philosopher, Marianne Williamson in her poem Our Deepest Fears. It relates to being focused on the short-term things in life that bring us security, validation, acceptance and/or control. Looking at the opposite side of the coin is, ‘Playing It Big’, which involves perhaps taking risks and moving out of our comfort zone and can in the short-term bring uncertainty, discomfort, anxiety and stress.

What Are The Signs That You Are Playing It Small?

· You don’t know your goals/where you are going

· You stay in your comfort zone due to fear, rejection and/or humiliation

· You create excuses for where you are/find reasons to put things off

· You wait for things to come to you

· You just think about ‘what if’ and the fear of humiliation

· You self-criticise

· You get side-tracked by insignificant things rather than getting on with important tasks

· You struggle with saying what you do

· Your beliefs go against what you are trying to achieve

· You are listening to your critical voice

How To ‘Play It Big’

It could be that you need just a little more help to come out of your comfort zone and build that business you have always wanted or gain that promotion at your workplace. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional person so that you can embrace that larger life that is in your dreams.

· Identify who you are and what your goals are

· Commit to the journey

· Celebrate success

· Say ‘No’ more often – don’t always say ‘Yes’

· Start taking risks and stretching yourself

· Forgive yourself and move on

· Don’t wait to be discovered

· Seek professional help


The first step to moving on is recognising and being aware that you are holding yourself back. It’s all about embracing that larger life that you have in your dreams and Playing It Big’. There are times when ‘things will come to you in life, but that is not the norm and for the most part you are going to have to take part to make it happen, although one step at a time. Learn to manage that critical voice, and have faith in your journey by finding the confidence to proceed.

What To Do Next

Karen Hoad from Becoming Aware is a qualified and experienced Emotional Healing & Wellbeing Practitioner. She has vast experience in mental, emotional and physical health issues and works with people who are stuck in their comfort zones. If you are trying to move your business and/or your life forward, call Karen on 07766 427966 for a free without obligation chat or email

You could get that promotion you have always longed for, your business could move to a higher level and your life could become what you want it to be.

“The only thing I did was that I just got up and started doing.” Madam CJ Walker – the first woman to become a millionaire entrepreneur. This was her reply when asked about the secret to her success.

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