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The Power of “What If” And Breaking The Spell

“What If” is all about living in constant worry about ‘what if this happens’ or ‘what if that happens’ and for most people these thoughts are negative ones, which involve thinking of ‘what if’ worst-case scenarios. When this occurs it means that people are wasting a lot of their time and energy on things that normally don’t come to fruition. All too often these thoughts can quickly escalate into a “journey of worrying” whereby people become stuck in the “what if” syndrome. And if this does happen, it can have a detrimental impact on health, relationships and work – all elements of our everyday lives.

“What If” Leads To Self-Doubt And Fear

Do you struggle with “What If” thoughts? If you do, it may be reassuring to know that you are not alone, as many people do. These thoughts will become problematical when they start to interfere with your ability to function. This type of thinking often leads to self-doubt and the fear of doing things. Naturally, negative thoughts go along with positive thoughts and influence every thing we do and determine what we feel, not only about ourselves but others around us and the world in general.

Examples Of Negative What If Thoughts

· What if people don’t like me?

· What if I’m not good enough?

· What if I say the wrong thing?

· What if my husband/wife/partner leaves me?

· What if I have an anxiety/panic attack when I go out?

· What if I don’t get the grades I need in my exams?

· What if I make the wrong decision?

· What if I’m late and miss my flight/job interview?

What Is “What If”?

It’s important to realise that “What If” is in the future and it’s not actually real; it’s not a reality. If you build your emotions around “what if”, your mind is in the future, not the present. Remember that the vast majority of the negative scenarios that you are imagining are never likely to happen. It’s time to take a step back and come back to the present moment and consider if this future thought is actually affecting you in what is happening now. You can change your thoughts at any moment; you just need to choose to change them.

What Actions Can You Take To Stem What If Negative Scenarios?

· Write your thoughts down

· Take actions to stop the imagined outcome from happening

· Imagine positive outcomes to the scenarios you are envisioning

· Deal with your thoughts by developing relaxation techniques

· Surround yourself with positive people

· Learn to accept uncertainty

· Visit a therapist

What To Do Next

It’s not always possible to prevent your “What If” thoughts spiraling out of control on your own and you may need to seek the help of a professional. Karen Hoad from Becoming Aware is a qualified and experienced Emotional Healing & Wellbeing Practitioner. She has vast experience in mental, emotional and physical health issues. Karen can guide you and give help and support with regard to the past, present and future. Call Karen on 07766 427966 for a free without obligation chat.

You could soon be contemplating, “What if I am a real success?”

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