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A New Year – A Time To Do Things Differently?

With all that 2020 has thrown at us, maybe the New Year should be the time to set in motion a new approach. This could include a new way of thinking, feeling and being. January is seen as the time to plan for the year ahead with a multitude of goals set that need to be met and fast. Have you already decided that you’re going to eat healthily, exercise more, take up a new hobby, lose weight and earn more? You have? Well, that would be doing just the same as every year and will more than likely end up with the same results. So, why not take the pressure off in 2021?

There are benefits to find from the year we have had

Life has been very different and it will continue to be so. It’s still not going to be as we would like it to be – we won’t be able to see everyone we want to and we won’t be able to go where we would like to and do the things we enjoy, but…that CAN have its benefits. So think about those goals again! Do there have to be so many? Do they have to be so big? Don’t let 2021 start by getting out of control, with a list of things you can’t possibly achieve. It’s time to focus on what you can do and if you’re trying to do something new, take it one step at a time. Every little step forward is a step in the right direction.

Tips to make 2021 a better year

· Focus on positive things – forgive yourself for making a mistake, as well as the mistakes of others

· Think about how you can make this situation work to your advantage

· What opportunities are there for you?

· What do you have to be grateful for?

· Stay in the moment – don’t blow things out of proportion

· Concentrate on the solution and not the problem

· Talk to yourself positively – what are your strengths?

Break your resolutions down into smaller manageable chunks

And, if you really do have to set those goals and resolutions, manage your time better by setting weekly goals! You’ll also find that if you break these down into small manageable chunks, you’ll increase the sense of achievement with a continuous feeling of having accomplished something. You’ll find you are more on top of your life. And why not cross off those tasks as you do them? You will feel a real sense of achievement, helping to reduce any stress or anxiety. Setting enormous goals will result in the end result being a long way off and almost unattainable and you are more likely to give up and not achieve your goal, resulting in feelings of failure.

It’s so important to take care of your emotional health

Look after your emotional health, as doing this will make everything else much easier. The more at peace and relaxed you are, the easier you’ll find it to achieve whatever it is you’re looking to do. You’ll find that you are in more control of your thoughts, feelings and what you do.

· Take care of your physical health by eating well and exercising

· Keep in touch with family and friends

· Take a break and get enough sleep and rest

· Meditate and practice stress-reducing techniques

· Sign up for therapy – talking things through can help to clear your mind and shape that positive outlook

Tips from Becoming Aware

Everything in moderation, small challenges at a time. Take the pressure off and then everything you do will feel as though you have accomplished something. Choosing (and it is your choice) to have a positive attitude will be the best thing you can do going into 2021.

How can Karen at Becoming Aware help?

I’m hoping that you see 2021 as a fresh start. However, if you feel pressurised and are struggling with your emotional wellbeing, and finding the positives, call Karen, a Mental & Emotional Healing and Wellbeing Practitioner from Eastbourne on 07766 427966 or email By adopting a positive approach, 2021 could start looking a lot different!

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